View from Kuwait: Independence opened a new page in the history of Uzbekistan 

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September 10, 2015

View from Kuwait: Independence opened a new page in the history of Uzbekistan 

Posted on September 10, 2015

Address by President Islam Karimov at the festive ceremony, which was dedicated to 24th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has caused great interest among the public and the scientific community and the media Kuwait.

In particular, according to Executive director of the weekly newspaper Kuwait Times Riven Gerardo D’Souza, head of Uzbekistan briefly and concisely outlined the country’s achievements in the most important areas.

– The independence opened a new page in the modern history of Uzbekistan, – head of the well-known Kuwaiti publication said. – Today, the country is a full member of the international community and one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

In my opinion, the “Uzbek model” of development, developed in accordance with national traditions and characteristics, fully justified itself in practice and has proven its effectiveness.

In turn, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Kuwait University Abdul-Reda Assyrii drew attention to the fact that the ongoing democratic and socio-economic reforms in Uzbekistan have a systematic, coherent and interrelated.

– The success of your country in building a democratic state with a strong civil society, as well as profound changes in the economy, education, health, culture, science and other areas directly expressed in the dynamic development of the country, the growth of living standards and welfare of the people, – Kuwaiti scientist said.

– Consistent and firm foreign policy of Uzbekistan is worthy of the highest praise, one of the priorities of which is to further develop the relations of friendship and mutual understanding with the countries of near and far abroad, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and stability in the Central Asian region.

It should be noted that the full text of the speech of the head of Uzbekistan has been published on the information portal of the newspaper Kuwait Times.

Material acquaints readers with the achievements of our country over the years of sovereign development, economic and social indicators, as well as the process of gradual democratic reforms.

The publication stresses that the implementation of the policy of structural reforms in the economy and the diversification of industry, based on the creation of new high-tech manufacturing industries, and creation of new jobs – all this is a top priority for Uzbekistan, an urgent task.