View from Netherlands: Uzbekistan’s experience could be used in European countries

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September 26, 2015

View from Netherlands: Uzbekistan’s experience could be used in European countries

In Hague, the presentation of the achievements of our country over the years of independence has been held.

Representatives of ministries and departments of the Netherlands, the municipality of The Hague, the leading business, public, expert and cultural circles of the country attended the event. They were informed about the achievements of Uzbekistan in the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Expressing gratitude for the information, Director of the International Centre for Groundwater Resources Assessment (ICGRA) Nebojsa Kukurich said that is familiar with the ongoing large-scale reforms in the country.

– Over the years of independence, Uzbekistan has established itself as a reliable partner on the international scene – the expert said. – Republic has demonstrated significant results in state and social construction. The selfless work of the Uzbek people, changing the outlook and political awareness, citizenship of the country – that is behind the success of this country.

Speaking about the enormous potential of Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector, N.Kukurich stressed that grown in our area fruit and vegetables taste far superior to similar products from other countries. In this regard, he noted the need to increase the supply of Uzbek agricultural products to European markets. This, in his opinion, will not only contribute to the further development of the agro-industrial complex of the republic, but also make a truly unforgettable fruity aromas in the house of the peoples of Europe.

– I have repeatedly visited Uzbekistan and each time I witness fundamental changes taking place in all spheres and changing the quality of life of the population, – tepresentative of the Dutch Association of Social UWV, Helen Gyuto said. – I was particularly impressed with the practice in the country to approve the initiation of each year, a certain social direction that special attention is paid not only by government agencies, but also NGOs. I believe that this experience could be used by European countries in the development of public policies to address social issues.